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- It seems to be Evelin's lucky day, a nice random ride in the car from a longtime friend that leads to good sex. - A splendid couple is on vacation in Cancun, after a short stop at the bar, the passion explodes between the two, already when they are in the corridor of the hotel, the girl teases her partner by taking off her bikini and sucking it all in the elevator and as soon as they arrive in their room, they no longer control themselves. - Malena is in the car with Christian Clay, the driver is taking them shopping and she so sexy and slutty she starts to tease him, she knows she likes him and arouses him is not that difficult and they find themselves having sex in the car even in front of the driver. Even in the dressing rooms of the shop, the passion between the two explodes, despite the presence of other people and the danger of being discovered. But it is in the bedroom that Malena releases all her erotic charge, with her sensual body and her desire.

Director: Vari

Duration: 2 ore e 16 minuti


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